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This month’s blog post is for nonprofit and association leaders features my five most popular articles.
Based on reader response, these selections cover improving board performance, building positive board relationships, filling volunteer leadership positions, enhancing organizational performance, and overcoming individual career pressures faced by nonprofit professionals.
Click on the article title for reading each selection.
  • Got Difficult Board Members? – Has answers for one of the most compelling issues faced by nonprofit leaders; how to successfully manage board member personalities.
  • Is Volunteer Leadership A Joke? – Challenges organizations to give a serious look at how leadership roles are filled. Unfortunately, too many leadership responsibilities are assigned without adequate preparation or consideration being given to qualifications and ability for delivering positive results. 
  • Create A Culture of Nonprofit Creativity – Shows how to incorporate creative engagement for identifying new approaches to recurring challenges. 
  • Are Nonprofit Best Practices Stupid? – Encourages organizations to not blindly adopt common approaches just because others are following a particular practice.
  • Golden Rule for Nonprofit Leaders – Provides strategies to over-worked nonprofit professionals dealing with the pressures that come from providing service to others. 
For bonus reading: 

I have included my BoardSource blog posts from the past year. Each of these is among BoardSource’s top blogs for 2016.
Thank you for the dedication you bring to so many great causes and organizations. The year ahead will certainly bring its challenges and I look forward to being a resource that helps provide actionable solutions for the nonprofit and association leadership community.
Reader Community Corner
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