We’ve invited Hardy to speak on multiple occasions for our Strategic Nonprofit Alliance Partnership (SNAP) programs, and he does a great job every time. Hardy is an engaging and likable presenter, and the information he provides is relevant and useful. Our most recent event with him was virtual due to the pandemic, and he gave an effective and enjoyable presentation.

- James Halleran, CPA, Partner, James Moore & Co.

I really appreciated the careful thought and planning that Hardy clearly put into his course at the Institute for Organization Management. The engagement prior to class to understand our needs was the first sign it was going to be time well spent. His warm personality was matched with his heart and experience for helping our industry seek excellence not only in our organizations but in ourselves. He would be a great addition to any conference.

- Katherine Morgan, President & Chief Executive Officer, Greater Spokane Valley Chamber of Commerce

Hardy engaged everyone at our luncheon program. He provided expertise and enthusiasm which is exactly what our group of fundraisers, CEO's and board members needed!

- Sara Leonard, President, AFP Suncoast Chapter

Hardy Smith's presentation, "Why Don't Board Members Do What They're Supposed to Do" was very engaging. He is a very effective communicator and great storyteller who really knows the needs of nonprofit boards!

-Lucky Harris, Boys & Girls Clubs of America

I’ve seen Hardy both in person and now virtually and his presentation was just as full of energy and excitement online as it was in person. As an event organizer, Hardy was flexible and willing to try new things during these unprecedented times to help bring a powerful presentation to those registered. He included audience member participation throughout the session to make the online presentation just as engaging as it was in person. Thanks, Hardy, for rolling with the changes and we navigate through these uncharted waters!

-Tina Banner, College of Central Florida

At our largest conference of the year, Hardy served as our keynote speaker and trainer extraordinaire and was immensely popular with the delegates. He spent countless hours before the conference researching our issues and policies which allowed him to successfully mesh our mission with very effective training for interacting with our elected officials.

-Kirsten Stephenson, Chair, Junior Leagues of Florida, State Political Action Committee

(Hardy’s) down-to-earth approach makes a very complicated topic seem easy to handle, manage, and completely doable. I recommend seeking Hardy and his experience out when you have fundraising and nonprofit guidance needs. 

-Monica Wofford, CSP and CEO of Contagious Companies

Hardy Smith was a wonderful facilitator of our strategic plan session. He was able to draw everyone into a critical conversation while maintaining focus; I attribute this to his exceptional communication skills and in-depth understanding of nonprofits.

- Kerry Karl, Executive Director, Volusia County Association for Responsible Development

(Hardy demonstrates the) highest standards in professionalism, concern not only for the project at hand but also the individuals involved, while always conscientious as it relates to the costs being incurred for his services. He is creative, concise and a consensus builder that can generate successful results for anyone who trusts their organization to his leadership. 

-Kevin Krepinevich, CAE, Owner Web Site Assist, Past U.S. Junior Chamber of Commerce Executive Vice President, and Past Kiwanis International Secretary

Hardy Smith is the sort of teacher, mentor, and leader we all aspire to be. His level of professionalism as well as his in-depth understanding of his topic and audience makes him a go-to contact for Nonprofit Business Advisor, a favorite colleague and an expert in his field. 

- Kelly J. Sullivan, Editor-Nonprofit Business Advisor

I have known and worked with Hardy Smith for more than 20 years…he has a very unique background that provides him with skills and experiences that will benefit any nonprofit or volunteer based …I have seen him take on very complex issues and demonstrate an ability for delivering results. 

-Nick Craw, former Director, Peace Corps

Hardy Smith is an Event Planners dream! He is totally confident of who he is and what he does. He engages his audiences with his masterful story-telling and is the expert "go-to" resource for organizations and nonprofits who are seeking to find solutions to their many challenges. With his wit, wisdom, passion, and experience, we are honored to have Hardy on our team to showcase to the world.

- Sue Falcone, CEO, Remarkable! A Speakers Bureau

Hardy Smith is an impact player to any organization or event. He brings a wealth of valuable experience in such topics as fundraising, event planning and promotion, team building, and overall organizational performance. His philosophy, ideas, and strategies are creative, innovative, and most importantly are proven techniques that produce positive results and maximize outcomes… 

-Coach Steve Ridder, Director of Athletics / Head Basketball Coach, Embry-Riddle University

I find Hardy Smith's Tips for Nonprofit Success (blog) timely, trendy, and full of valuable information for both the established and the start-up nonprofit. It is a "must read" if you want to improve your infrastructure and a great resource for all aspects of nonprofit management. 

-Candace Lightner, Founder of MADD - Mothers Against Drunk Driving

Hardy Smith's newsletter offers an insightful look into the leadership opportunities and needs of the non-profit arena. His experience and knowledge of non-profit leadership can provide new options, tools and tactics that you can utilize to succeed and exceed expectations.  

-Benny Ellerbe, Executive Director, Optimist International

Hardy guided more than a dozen volunteers through a strategic planning process. These volunteers lived all over the country, communicated electronically, produced a great plan, and much of the credit goes to Hardy. It was his behind the scenes work with the committee chairman that really paid off. He kept the chairman focused and the chairman kept the committee focused. It was a perfect partnership.

-Joel Harper, Executive Director of United States Junior Chamber of Commerce (Jaycees)

Hardy (has a) capacity to take in what’s going on with your organization and not only help it grow, but also develop it in such a healthy, knowledgeable way where you can evaluate your results and (get your) leadership team where they are functioning on all cylinders. Hardy has been an incredible asset and resource, not only to me, but to the members of our organization.

-Julie Barrow, Executive Director, One Voice for Volusia

I am a leader of our local campus for the University of Central Florida, (and) involved in strategic planning. I am going to (return to campus) and implement the comments Hardy made today. I have a strategic plan and my colleagues and I are going to update it to include involvement and engagement. I learned lots of things I can take back and use.

-Linda Bradley Thacker, Ph.D., Assistant VP/Campus Director, University of Central Florida.

Having been in business a long time, I know what strategic planning is, but Hardy’s ability to take it and put it into four to five key elements and then talk about how it can be done without tons of paper work (and tons of hours), I found to be very efficient. I think that everybody who was in the audience today from the nonprofit world was most appreciative. He makes (strategic planning) doable.

-Sarah F. Gurtis, Chief Executive Officer, COA (Council On Aging)