Sustaining Nonprofit Board Success

As a sports fan, I am intrigued by the work done by teams to achieve success.

Reaching a level of championship performance is difficult and requires commitment to executing fundamental details. When teams at the top begin to slip, the reason is invariably they lost sight of what got them there in the first place.

If your organization currently benefits from a positive, productive, and fully engaged board, what actions are being taken to make sure you always will?

If nonprofits want to sustain their ideal board, they must pay ongoing attention to basics such as good recruiting, orientation and training, communication, planning, and evaluation. Challenge your organization to focus on these essentials.

Small things—perhaps seemingly insignificant things—can be big difference makers. Don’t let complacency allow you to take your eye off the essentials that keep good board relationships intact.

It’s easier to maintain quality than it is to regain it, but it is never too late to improve. CHALLENGE THE STATUS QUO No matter how good the status quo seems, clinging to today means being left behind tomorrow.

Successful teams don’t sit on their success. The same is true of successful nonprofits and their boards.

Consistently challenge yourself to find ways to improve board relationships.

What action are you taking to ensure your model board continues to perform at its current level of excellence?

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