Nonprofits-Think Like A Magician

Speaker colleague Kostya Kimlat is a magician who has mesmerized audiences world-wide.

He’s not just any magician. His magical talents have earned him repeat visits to the legendary Penn & Teller Fool Us show.

He considers himself a manager of perception. He shapes what people see, think, and remember.

As a speaker Kostya, shares how thinking like a magician will improve both individual and team performance and strengthen relationships.

He says, “Thinking like a magician ignites your sense of wonder. It allows you to transform how you see the world. You are able to see new possibilities and opportunities that others don’t.”

For our nonprofit community, Kostya has revealed these eight tradecraft secrets that magicians use to wow, astonish, and capture the imagination of their audiences.

  1. Challenge ingrained beliefs and assumptions. Push past preconceived notions to conjure up new ideas, options, and opportunities that may not be obvious at first glance.
  2. Work at uncovering new ways of being, perceiving, and doing. See, think, and act in ways that others cannot.
  3. Look at processes with a beginner’s eye to highlight areas for improvement and overlooked steps that can be removed or consolidated.
  4. Foster innovation. Thinking differently breaks status quo mentalities and unlocks creativity. Questioning assumptions opens the door to creating innovative products, services and solutions.
  5. Shape perceptions in purposeful ways. Take an active role, rather than leaving things to chance.
  6. Take time to understand the makeup of your audience. Magicians read their audience and adjust their performance as needed. The key is to approach your business through the eyes of your audience, not your own.
  7. Use the magician mindset to develop genuine connections. To do that, build trust by making sure your actions, words, and intentions align. Honesty, consistency, and commitment to genuine connection are paramount.
  8. Create unforgettable customer experiences by harnessing the power of engagement before, during, and after. Go beyond meeting expectations.

Kostya reminds us there are no quick fixes or shortcuts to building audiences of raving fans. It takes commitment to doing the necessary work that others aren’t willing to do.

Thank you Kostya for providing the inspiration for this article. Learn more about Kostya Kimlat by visiting his website www.kostyakimlat.com

How can you apply these lessons for thinking like a magician to make magic happen with your donors, volunteers, board members, and staff?

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