Nonprofit Crisis Fundraising

Should nonprofits conduct fundraising activity during the coronavirus crisis?

Even though being faced with loss of anticipated funding and confronted with new expense demands of providing services during this emergency, there is a fine line between what’s considered an acceptable financial request right now and what isn’t.

It is definitely a dilemma.

To help nonprofits wrestling with this difficulty I am sharing thoughts from seven highly respected fundraising resources.

These recommendations address the philosophical issue of appropriateness, provide strategy suggestions, and cover how-tos on message positioning so an ask isn’t offending your donors. Thank you to these resources for your much-needed guidance.

If you find this article to be beneficial, please share it with others in your own network. Nonprofits are on the front lines of this global health emergency.

I invite you to comment below with insight as to how your organization is managing its fundraising during this unprecedented time as well.

Thank you for what you are doing, and please stay safe in your service to others. 

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