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Boost Board Commitment With This Recruiting Mindset
I recently was interviewed by Wiley Publication's "Board and Administrator" Editor Jeff Stratton in his article, "Boost Board Commitment With This Recruiting Mindset." I discussed with Jeff the all-to-common disconnection between CEO expectations and board members they are working to recruit. Can you relate?     Read More >>
Disappearing Donors: How Fundraising Issues Can Push People off Nonprofit Boards
Failing to effectively communicate, challenging members to exceed the minimum expectations and understanding board members' philosophical differences about fundraising can affect their success at the task. Read more from Inside Philanthropy blogger Elisa Shoenberger, who included my perspective about the importance of clear board communication in her write up. Read More >>
How to Use Self-Awareness as a Personal and Professional Asset
How can you use self-awareness to become a more effective professional? Check out how I presented the topic to members of the Florida Public Relations Association at the organization's recent conference. Read More >>
Why Nonprofit Board Prospects Say Yes
When you are recruiting board members, what gets your prospects to yes? Survey responses identified several major considerations that influence a prospect’s decision before a commitment to yes is made. Read More >>
Why Nonprofit Board Prospects Say No
Why do board-member prospects say No? The response could actually have meaning that goes much deeper than “not enough time” or “not having a connection with the cause.” Read More >>
Commit to Making Board Diversity Work
Board members representing diverse communities become frustrated with a lack of full-in organizational commitment to diversity. Dr. Shirley Davis, a recognized global workforce expert who specializes in diversity and inclusion, offers advice for achieving organizational diversity. Read More >>
3 Reasons Why Surveying Volunteers is Worth Your Time
When's the last time you surveyed your volunteers? Guest writer Vickie Pleus is a public-relations professional with three reasons why it's always a good idea. Read More >>
Make Meetings Matter
Making your meetings matter will motivate board members to attend. They will know that their time is being respected, their opinions are being considered, and their commitment is producing worthwhile outcomes. Read More >>
What Are You Reading?
Anyone in a nonprofit leadership role is wise to seek out and read resources that will help them grow in knowledge, identify solutions and get creative! Check out the books I'm picking up this month. Read More >>
How to Achieve Volunteer Engagement
Recruiting, retaining, and leading volunteers can be a challenge. In her book "From LIbrary Volunteer to Library Advocate," Carla Campbell Lehn delivers a well-defined case for rethinking how volunteers are engaged and provides guidance for implementing a successful volunteer program. Read More >>