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Welcome to Hardy Smith's blog, where he shares experience and insight learned through decades in the corporate world and advocating on behalf of nonprofits and associations across America.

Hardy's mission is to help maximize the performance of nonprofits and associations and their essential leadership teams.

If you’re seeking to triumph over communication challenges, bring meaningful and manageable solutions to, and realize measurable results of your organization, this blog will give you more than ideas -- it will maximize your team’s performance like never before.

Make a Plan to Plan

Pre-planning provides a more organized approach that will make your activity more effective through efficient the use of time, which people will appreciate. Planning on the front end creates an intentional approach that stimulates enthusiasm among participants and creates a foundation for planning success.

Is Your Nonprofit Due for a Makeover?
Publix isn't standing still. They are constantly looking for ways to improve. Is it time for your nonprofit to consider a makeover? Here is a seven-question 'points of difference' checklist to stimulate your thinking. Read More >>
Hall of Fame Leadership Lessons
Would you like to reach Hall of Fame level of success? Then you will want to follow the right path. In my life I have been lucky enough to receive invaluable leadership lessons from personal and professional relationships with five individuals who have achieved hall of fame level recognition in their professions. Read More >>
Take out the Trash
Are you asking or telling your volunteers what to do? They are, after all, volunteers. Read More >>
Nonprofits Must Adapt
Is your organization willing to honestly assess its performance, challenge current practices, and take action on changes needed for a sustainable future? Read More >>
Selecting and Developing Board Leadership: Choose Your Leaders Wisely
Can an organization with such a casual approach — picking leaders without much forethought — really be serious about achieving its stated purpose? Shouldn’t leadership selection be intentional instead of accidental? Read More >>
Be A Leader Who Listens
Learning to listen can make good leaders into great leaders. Learning to listen enables not-so-successful leaders to turn negative results into positive ones. When we learn to bring out the best in others, we can develop the skills for success in leadership roles. Read More >>
Create a Culture of Nonprofit Creativity
Leaders are looking for new ideas and solutions to difficult challenges. However, identifying innovative answers can be challenging. Just telling an organization to solve its problems by thinking outside the box isn’t especially helpful. What does that really mean? Read More >>
Be Intentional with Board Solicitation
How does your organization communicate its opportunities for leadership nominations? The recruitment process must be intentional. Look to these examples for inspiration. Read More >>
Recruit Board Members with Purpose and Process
Nonprofits have long been challenged by unmet expectations in board member engagement and performance. Whatever the challenges, they can be effectively and proactively addressed by starting with an honest evaluation of your current board recruitment practices. Read More >>