Adapting is the key to nonprofit success

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Stop the Nonprofit Board Blame Game

How to Break the Cycle of Frustrating Relationships and Benefit from Fully Engaged Boards

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Unlock Your Organization's Full Potential

Resolve some of the fundamental problems that plague many nonprofits and associations:

  • Board members who don't perform
  • Volunteers who lose interest
  • Strategic plans that aren't used
  • Fundraisers that flop

With decades of experience working in the high-speed corporate world of NASCAR racing and advocating for nonprofits and associations across the country, Hardy can provide expert advice and develop effective strategies to help solve business challenges and drive the operational change needed to bring your organization to the next level.

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Hardy Smith’s Recommended Reading for Nonprofit Leaders
Hardy Smith’s Recommended Reading for Nonprofit Leaders
Books: These are books that I have personally read and recommend as being beneficial to anyone working with nonprofits, associations, and volunteer-based organizations. Some are considered classics by nonprofit professionals and others reflect the most current trends affecting nonprofit performance. I'm an avid reader and new titles are added frequently!
Sustaining Nonprofit Board Success
Sustaining Nonprofit Board Success
To stay on top successful teams must consistently execute the fundamental details their success is built on. What is your nonprofit doing to ensure your perfect board stays perfect?

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