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Below are Hardy's most requested speaking and facilitating topics.

Each of Hardy's presentations are available in keynote, breakout, and half-day or full-day training formats.

Hardy’s keynotes, presentations and workshops speak to subject matter that includes:

  • Innovative solutions for board member, staff and volunteer challenges
  • Expert insight for financial challenges
  • Solutions for fundraising frustrations
  • Ideas to conquer organizations’ strategic planning challenges.

....and many more!

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Hardy Smith: Nonprofit and Association Consultant and Motivational Speaker; www.hardysmith.com
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Speaking Topics
How To Stop The Nonprofit Board Blame Game
My most requested presentation. With lessons and how-tos from my Amazon best-selling book, Stop The Nonprofit Board Blame Game, this presentation answers the question that frustrates so many nonprofit leaders -- Why don't board members do what they're supposed to do? This presentation focuses on actions to avoid board member relationship mistakes, keys to recruiting and retaining productive board members, and why board members aren’t passionate about fundraising. A companion breakout session is available.
Your Performance – Your Success (Adaptable to Teams and Individuals)
Success and failure create many lessons and I’ve had plenty of experience with both. This motivational keynote, adaptable for either individuals or teams, provides positive reinforcement for overcoming adversity and achieving success. Expect me to deliver how-to action strategies through personal stories, humor, positive motivation, audience engagement, and a dose of tough love to reinforce key message points.
Recruiting, Retaining, and Leading Volunteers
Volunteers can be the secret sauce for a successful nonprofit or executing a large event. However, individuals working with volunteers know the challenges they represent. They come, get trained, and are gone at a rate that strains productivity and efficient use of resources. This presentation addresses the challenges affecting volunteer engagement. You will get specific action takeaways that deal with the revolving door of volunteers. You will also learn strategies for leading volunteers and implementing a successful volunteer involvement program.
Make Nonprofit Planning Pain-Free and Productive
Planning is a critical component to building event and organizational success. Yet many industry leaders avoid essential planning exercises, mainly because previous planning activity has proven to be a negative experience or has produced plans that aren't used -- or both. This presentation shows how to develop a planning process that is both pain-free and productive. You will learn how to avoid planning process mistakes, how to create participation engagement from your planning team, how to develop a successful and stress-free planning activity, how to produce an implementable plan.