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Keep Your Nonprofit Moving Forward
Keep Your Nonprofit Moving Forward Tue, Jul 21, 2020 Dealing with COVID-19 requires constant adjusting, and action is needed to get nonprofits to a future time that’s better than the present. Here are four resources with actions that can be taken now that can help you deal with the pandemic. Read More

Use SOAP for Nonprofit Problem-Solving
Use SOAP for Nonprofit Problem-Solving Fri, Jun 12, 2020 Problem-solving formulas can be complicated and difficult to implement, but not if they're as clean as S.O.A.P. When you're struggling for answers to a challenging issue, apply this investigative method that doctors use for determining the best cours... Read More

Leading Nonprofits During Covid-19
Leading Nonprofits During Covid-19 Mon, May 18, 2020 Isn’t it reassuring to see the nonprofit sector collaboratively engaged identifying best courses of action as we continue to cope with Covid-19? My continuing series of curated resources encourages organizations to take advantage of the excellent adv... Read More

Keep Your Board Engaged During Covid-19
Keep Your Board Engaged During Covid-19 Wed, Apr 29, 2020 Ensuring your board remains engaged during Covid19 is critical. Ongoing communication should be maintained to keep board members apprised of situations affecting your organization. Here are four resources to help you do just that. Read More

Leading Nonprofit Teams During Covid-19
Leading Nonprofit Teams During Covid-19 Thu, Apr 16, 2020 Leading a nonprofit isn’t easy in the best of times and that responsibility is now radically more difficult because of Covid-19. Adding to the challenge is leaders having to lead their teams remotely and finding overcoming the obstacle of mandated se... Read More

Nonprofit Crisis Fundraising
Nonprofit Crisis Fundraising Mon, Mar 30, 2020 Should nonprofits conduct fundraising activity during the coronavirus crisis? Even though being faced with loss of anticipated funding and confronted with new expense demands of providing services during this emergency, there is a fine line between w... Read More

COVID-19 Resources for Nonprofits
COVID-19 Resources for Nonprofits Wed, Mar 18, 2020 Nonprofit and association leaders are certainly in an unprecedented time and the situation is rapidly changing. In many ways, you're asked to be the calm in the storm. To assist you with the challenges this worldwide pandemic is creating, and to help... Read More

Make Board Leadership Matter
Make Board Leadership Matter Mon, Feb 17, 2020 If you’re tired of being frustrated by non-performing board members, make board development the priority it deserves. Making board leadership matter requires taking necessary action to ensure you have the best possible board candidates, providing nee... Read More

5 Resolutions for 2020 Nonprofit Success
5 Resolutions for 2020 Nonprofit Success Sat, Jan 25, 2020 No doubt 2020 will be a year of challenge for most nonprofits. Here are five action resolutions that will help make your year a successful one. Read More

Improve Board Engagement
Improve Board Engagement Wed, Dec 11, 2019 What can nonprofit leaders do to effectively engage their boards and what skills does that engagement require? Read on and listen in for the perspective I shared with The Beacon Podcast. Read More

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