Don’t lose sight of the basics

As a sports fan, I am intrigued by the elements teams utilize to achieve success.

They focus on leadership, recruiting, structure, discipline, training, and other fundamentals essential for building championship level success.

When teams at the top begin slipping, invariably the reason is that they stopped doing what got them there in the first place.

Nonprofits wanting to create sustained success should ensure that their organization continues to implement the basics.

Nonprofit essentials, like communication, recruitment, orientation, training, planning, and evaluation, require commitment based on results. Challenge your organization on its effectiveness in these areas.

For example, what level of orientation and training do new board members and volunteers receive? Are they given a manual to read, an in-person session, or both? Which is the most effective?

Don’t be distracted with implementing new practices and let best practices go to a back burner.

The 101 fundamentals may not be the flashiest of your activities. However they may be the most important because they are key to long-term success.

Every sports season there is a once proud team that hits bottom because they forgot the critical elements that brought them success. Don’t let this happen to your organization. Maintain your focus on the basics.

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