5 Resolutions for 2020 Nonprofit Success

No doubt 2020 will be a year of challenge for most nonprofits. Here are five action resolutions that will help make your year a successful one.

Plan for your success.

Way too many nonprofits avoid a commitment to good planning and as a result they miss out on success they could be achieving. Not following a structured plan means you’re really just winging it. Isn’t your mission worth focused action? Here is an article with how-tos for successful planning: Is Nonprofit Planning an Oxymoron?

Measure what matters.

Has your organization figured out what is truly most important? Linking measurement to your priorities helps ensure performance focus and accountability. Read this article to get a start on measuring what matters.

Be intentional with board member recruiting.

Frustrated because board members don’t perform as expected? More than likely you don’t have the right people. Be intentional with board recruiting and you will have a much different result. Read how to improve your board recruiting and why board prospects say yes.

Create a positive board experience.

Want to know why good board members turn off? Quite often it’s because their board service experience is less than positive. Read how to create a positive board experience and keep those engaged board members engaged.

Increase donor retention.  

The nonprofit sector loses more donors than it brings in. How can that be sustainable? Here are excellent customer service tips that will make a difference for your donor retention.

Make these five action priorities your resolutions and create a year of success in 2020!


What actions your nonprofit is taking to achieve success in the year ahead? Comment below!

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