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Create A Positive Board Experience

Innovative Nonprofit Boards

An innovative, strategic thinking board is visionary in its approach to identifying new opportunities for the organization it serves. It also helps to develop future-proofing solutions for the challenges of change and disruption.

Hardy Smith’s Recommended Reading for Nonprofit Leaders

Books: These are books that I have personally read and recommend as being beneficial to anyone working with nonprofits, associations, and volunteer-based organizations. Some are considered classics by nonprofit professionals and others reflect the most current trends affecting nonprofit performance. I'm an avid reader and new titles are added frequently!

Sustaining Nonprofit Board Success

To stay on top successful teams must consistently execute the fundamental details their success is built on. What is your nonprofit doing to ensure your perfect board stays perfect?

Reading for Nonprofit Leaders

Four terrific books as recommended reading for nonprofit, association, and chamber of commerce leaders.

Nonprofits-Think Like A Magician

Nonprofits can create magical results by thinking like a magician

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