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Hardy's mission is to help maximize the performance of nonprofits and associations and their essential leadership teams.

If you’re seeking to triumph over communication challenges, bring meaningful and manageable solutions to, and realize measurable results of your organization, this blog will give you more than ideas -- it will maximize your team’s performance like never before.

Be Intentional with Board Solicitation
How does your organization communicate its opportunities for leadership nominations? The recruitment process must be intentional. Look to these examples for inspiration. Read More >>
Give Donors Red-Carpet Treatment
How would donors react if they felt like they received red-carpet treatment from your nonprofit? Would the outstanding customer service associated with such attention to detail and relationship building translate to increased donor engagement? Could it contribute to improved retention of first-time donors? My speaker colleague Donna Cutting knows the answers. Read More >>
Save Your Donors
Is it possible nonprofits have grown accustomed to poor donor retention rates? Or is the situation just too overwhelming? Read More >>
Want to Improve Board Performance? Take these Five Steps
Changing board performance culture is also much more complex than simply announcing to board members, “I declare a new culture!” A successful transformation takes time and a focused process. Here are five steps to make your board revitalization happen. Read More >>
Recruit Board Members with Purpose and Process
Do you have an effective process for recruiting board members? Take it from the pros: It's worth the effort to secure the right board members for the right job. It starts by refusing to settle for less than what your organization needs. Read More >>
Articles You Selected as Most Popular
You voted by your interest and dedicated reading of my blog, and the results are in! Check out my five most popular articles, and start the New Year off with focused strategies to help make your nonprofit more effective than ever before. Read More >>
Are Nonprofit Best Practices Stupid?
Why continue to do what doesn't work? Evaluate your practices to see if they are producing positive outcomes. If they're not, change them. My speaker colleague Stephen Shapiro has insight how to do just that. Read More >>
Improve Communication to Improve Board Performance
Nonprofit leaders seeking to improve board member performance can start by focusing on being good communicators. According to board members participating in my research, lack of good communication often creates many of the issues affecting board and organization success. Read More >>
Change Your Approach to Board Engagement
Are you experiencing a lack of engagement by your board members? In fact, it's a topic all my nonprofit and association friends can relate to. Read More >>
Preparation: Not Just for Olympians
Do not fall short. Avoid the consequences that could come from not being prepared for your challenges. Read More >>